Sugar and spice and all things nice?

CharlotteFor International Day of the Girl 2017, Girls’ Brigade Ministries has collated a week-long series on amplifying girls’ voices. Charlotte Hendy, who leads The Esther Collective project, has written today’s article on the effect of gender stereotypes and what we can all do to help the next generation of women be all that God has made them to be. You can read an excerpt below, or read the full article here.

During her presidential campaign in 2016, Hilary Clinton spent 600 hours – that’s 25 days – having her hair and make-up done, she’s revealed in her latest book What Happened.

Between the campaign meetings, public rallies, television interviews, door-knocking and travelling, it’s a wonder that any politician is able to give an interview with their eyes open!

On top of all this, Hilary Clinton somehow managed to cram in an extra 600 hours to ‘put her face on’- presumably unlike her male rival.

Regardless of whether you agree with her politics, Hilary Clinton is a woman who attempted to smash the glass ceiling of the Presidency of the USA. That said, even she felt constrained with a pressure to always look presentable.

Spending extra time making yourself look ‘pretty’ is just one example of the pressure of gender stereotypes and the unequal expectations that society often places upon women. Struggling to attain a leadership position in a world dominated by male leaders is another.”

Read Charlotte’s full article on the Threads website.

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