Public Leadership: Be A Voice For Good

20170626_110710The Evangelical Alliance’s new initiative, Public Leadership, aims to encourage and support Christians to be a voice for good in their community. We at The Esther Collective were recently invited to join a roundtable conversation to share our thoughts on the state of Christians and public leadership today.

Alongside several other organisations including LICC and the Jubilee Centre, The Esther Collective contributed to a discussion around trends, concerns, reasons to celebrate, and predictions for the future.

Here’s a summary of some of the thoughts that we shared on the day…

The Esther Collective is passionate about empowering and discipling women, and enabling them to discover their God-given purpose – whatever that might be. We know that the Great Commission will not be fulfilled until the gifts of all of the body of Christ are utilised in God’s mission of restoration.

However, the sad reality is:

  • There is a pay gap of women earning around 10% less than men. (Source: ONS)
  • In 2015 more FTSE 100 companies were led by somebody named John than by a woman.
  • Only a third of MPs are female. (Source:
  • 66% of the UK church is women, but only 34% of Christian conference speakers are women (Source: Project 3:28)
  • Only 20% of ministers are women. (Source: EAUK)
  • Church-attending millennial women are significantly less likely to say that their church helps them a lot to develop leadership skills and experience. (Source: Building tomorrow’s church today, EAUK)

Through The Esther Collective, as well as other initiatives such as The Women’s Room and Project 3:28, we hope to see the tables turned and these statistics made redundant as more women are enabled to live out God’s purpose for their life, including in the area of public leadership.

We are encouraged by the story of Esther – a young woman who dared to believe that God could choose and use her. Our prayer is that many more women will dare to believe that God could choose and use them. Will you join us in praying this too?


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