The Esther Collective Plus

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The Esther Collective Plus starts this September, lasts for 9 months and is full-time.

What will my year look like?

The Esther Collective Plus is all about YOU. It’s about learning more about yourself, discovering what gifts God has made you with, and using and developing these. From the moment you consider being a part of The Esther Collective Plus, we’ll walk with you to explore your passions, skills and the opportunities that you could be a part of. We’ll then dedicate lots of time to putting these in place, and we’ll check-in with you every week throughout the year to see how things are going.

You’ll spend most of your time working on your project(s), which could be something with your local Church, something with Girls’ Brigade, something with a local charity, or literally anything else!

We’ll help you work out what this could be, but here are a few examples:

  • Involvement in your local Church’s youth work – planning, preparing and delivering events and youth ministry.
  • Responsibility for a media project – shooting, editing and publicising a video for Girls’ Brigade or another charity.
  • Joining your Church’s community team and engaging with the most vulnerable in society through food banks, prison visiting, and other activities.
  • Playing a key role in Girls’ Brigade’s advocacy work- writing resources, attending social justice events, developing the Tearfund Girl Champion Rhythm.
  • Developing and launching a new expression of ‘church’ in your local area.
  • Working with a local church and GB’s Development Workers to open a new Girls’ Brigade group.
  • Making connections with a local charity to respond to a social justice issue.

There’s also the opportunity to go to South Africa for a two week mission and discipleship experience where you’ll get to see God at work in another part of the world, and you’ll be able to bring what you learn and experience home to the UK. You can read more about this trip here.

What does The Esther Collective Plus include?

The Esther Collective Plus costs £2450, which includes:

You’ll spend a day with the Project Leader exploring what your year could look like, and we’ll put the projects in place for you.

Starter Pack
At the beginning of the year you’ll receive a Starter Pack including a hoody, Bible, Personal Development Journal and stationery.

The Esther Collective
You’ll participate in The Esther Collective, attending the five gatherings and accessing the Online Hub.

We’ll link you with a mentor for the year who will challenge you, set goals with you, and help you grow into all that God has for you.

We’ll arrange two days of training, and accommodation if required, on your specific project at the start of the year.

Esther Collective Plus Workshops
You’ll attend a day of workshops at the beginning and end of the year, including accommodation.

Each week you’ll speak to The Esther Collective Project Leader to discuss how your week has been and how we might support you. We’ll check-in with the lead contact for your project every month too.

Leadership Training
You’ll attend a three day and three night leadership residential, including food, accommodation, and skills-based leadership equipping.

We’ll give you up to 1000 miles of travel expenses and up to three nights of accommodation needed for any travel you’ve had to do during The Esther Collective Plus.

You’ll also be offered a place on our trip to South Africa. You can find out more about this, and the cost of the trip here.

What’s next?

The Esther Collective Plus starts from the moment you consider to spend a year involved in this exciting opportunity. From then, we’ll walk with you to explore what your year could look like, and to put projects and experiences in place for you.

After you’ve contacted us, the journey will include:

  • A phone call with The Esther Collective Project Leader, Charlotte, to give you some more information about The Esther Collective Plus, and to suggest some things you might think about as you decide if this is for you.
  • A one day meeting with Charlotte to explore together a bit about who you are, what you’re passionate about and what projects you might get involved in.
  • Some time to let this settle before you decide if you’d like to commit to The Esther Collective Plus.
  • If you decide that The Esther Collective Plus is for you, we’ll spend time putting in place projects, experiences and opportunities for you which will use your skills. You’ll start these when The Esther Collective Plus begins in September.

If you’re interested in being part of The Esther Collective Plus, or just want some more information, get in touch with us and we’d love to chat!